Data view


The Data view component is available in the Tenant UI and gives users the ability to peek under the hood and view more technical and in-depth information about a particular record on the Tenant.

All major record types have this feature, like Order, Invoice, Payment, Product, etc. When you have a dialog of a particular record open, you notice a button with a code icon.

Click this button to open Data view for that record.

The dialog

If we use an Order as an example and look at the Data view dialog one can see the following.


The header contains various key fields related to the object.

LocalId (localId)
The unique id of the record (useful when working with the API).
Source (source)
Which connection (and thus external system) the record originate from.
Sub source (code)
A channel in external system the record originate from. The connection might get orders from a remote system where the orders have been placed via PoS, Web or by other means.
System (code)
Which Connector type created the record within the platform.
Created (createdAt)
When the record was created in the platform.
Last modified (lastModified)
When the record was last modified in the platform. Both in browser timezone and in UTC.

Object view

This is a full JSON view of the record, just like if it was retrieved via the API.

Click expand to view full content. Click the icon in the top right corner to copy the JSON to the clipboard.

Custom Data

Basically a convenience view of the record view where the Custom data (customData) is extracted.

Click expand to view content.