Change policy


We are always striving to further develop the Integration Platform API as transparent and stable as possible. We put great pride into delivering an awesome developer experience for our developer community. We release several times a week into production to stay ahead of the game and have put a great effort into automated tests and procedures to allow for such agile development processes.

That said, we have some important information to share regarding how future releases may affect you and the way of communication for these moments.

Feature state

When something is marked as experimental it means that the model is not production ready and might be subject to change without prior notice. Everything in the API not marked as experimental is considered production ready.
When something needs to be removed in the future it will first be marked as deprecated. Deprecated fields, records, endpoints will eventually be communicated for final removal with at least 3 months heads up.
Breaking change
These are extremely rare and will only affect experimental features since they are not production ready. If we need to change something it will be done by introducing new fields and run them in parallel with new fields as backward compatibility, and then deprecate old fields according to deprecation policy above.


When state changes in a release it will always be communicated in the API changelog. You will also be notified via email if you have an active API licence.