Access to multiple systems through one API

Sharespine Integration Platform enable software developers to connect third party systems not already available within the ecosystem of Connectors. Through one single integration to Sharespine Integration Platform API you will gain access to a vast array of other systems.

Why use Sharespine Integration Platform

We have been in the industry for two decades and have been through thousands of integration projects within the commerce space. We know the pains one needs to tackle in such projects, but more importantly, we have solutions to these pains. The Sharespine Integration Platform is our collective know-how packaged as a service for third parties to leverage.

API for sales transactions
We focus on systems and transactions in digital and physical sales. Connect to an infrastructure of 50+ systems and a reliable partner on the forefront within system integration technologies.
By integrators, for integrators
We have been on both sides of system integrations. Consumers of countless of API:es and designing our own. We offer our API to external partners who wish to take advantage of our iPaaS for their system integration projects.
Lower your overall maintenance costs
Develop and maintain an integration through the Sharespine Integration Platform. We’ll take care of the infrastructure and ecosystem of native Connectors and you can focus on hooking up your system.

Our infrastructure is built for scale

Our underlying infrastructure is built for the future. Each system component, as well as data storage, is fully redundant. We use best in class partners and frameworks and on top of this you’ll leverage our an Integration Platform developed by system integrators. We back it up with a dedicated organization of co-workers with deep know-how within the Commerce space.